About Us

Energy Design & Consulting is a company operating in the energy sector which aims to improve the Romanian energy system and to set a high standard in terms of quality of services in the field.

Founded in 2014 in Bucharest, Romania, Energy Design & Consulting emerged by aggregating a group of some of the most experienced professionals in the country with the aim of creating a center of highly qualified capabilities and solid knowledge for high quality, reliable and efficient services for the energy sector in the region.

Energy Design & Consulting illustrates the desire of consultants in the field of electric power systems design to form together a privileged framework for the development of their professional skills and to represent a superior quality alternative to the existing service offerings in engineering and consulting for the energy sector.

Main object of activity

It consists of the provision of design, engineering and technical and institutional consultancy services, including due-diligence services for various investments. In addition to this, we provide turnkey work in areas where our additional value exceeds the cost of the used equipment (e.g. power factor compensation, SCADA systems, IT&C, etc.).

Main areas of expertise

Development strategy

The pillars on which we rely for the development of our company are:

technical competence and professional integrity of our team members

in-depth knowledge of the field of activity

promoting modern technical solutions