II.4. Industry

A very important area of activity is industrial. Energy Design & Consulting provides the full range of design and consulting services, from supplying electricity to the electric distribution industrial objective, focusing on synchronizing protection and reactive power compensation.

Representative projects:

Development of power solution using an installation type AAR Fast Transfer
Customer: Lukoil

Synchronizing new group of 30MW on three different switches
Customer: Lukoil

Development of power supply of 110 / 10kV at Yildiz Entegre plant, Oarja village
Beneficiary: Yildiz Entegre

Project work includes design phases, technical specifications and details of execution for electrical connection of the power plant Yildiz in Oarja village, starting with equipping a cell 220/110/20 kV station reserve in South Pitesti, continuing with 110kV cable and then the station 110 / 10kV beneficiary.

Development of medium voltage distribution at the Yildiz Entegre plant, Oarja village
Beneficiary: Optimal Management

The work includes the medium voltage network of the factory and its associated transformer stations.
Beneficiary: Arcelik (Arctic)