About Us

Energy Design & Consulting Energy Design & Consulting emerged from the desire of several professionals from electrical energy design and consulting to build together a privileged development framework of their professional skills and to provide a superior alternative, in terms of competitiveness, to existing offer of engineering services and consulting for the energy sector.

We have the full capacity to execute these types of technical documentation:

  • feasibility studies / business plans;
  • solution studies, studies of coexistence, etc.
  • specifications
  • technical documentation for obtaining the building permit (DThAC) and obtaining necessary approvals;
  • technical projects (PT)
  • machining or fabrication projects (PTC)
  • execution details (DE);
  • as-built;
  • Technical documentation files including accreditation, licensing, certification (ANRE, Transelectrica, DEN, distribution operators, etc).

The main activity include design, engineering, technical and institutional consulting for the following areas:

  • a) producing energy from traditional sources (gas, oil, coal, nuclear) or renewable (wind, photovoltaic, micro-hydro, biomass, geothermal);
  • b) transportation and distribution of electricity
    • substations of high, medium and low voltage;
    • SCADA systems, dispatching, telecommunications
    • overhead lines or underground high, medium and low voltage;
    • Smart Grids;
  • c) energy efficiency
    • industries;
    • Performing increase building energy (thermal rehabilitation);
  • d) Industry
    • distribution systems of electricity and heat;
    • metering systems, monitoring maintenance, etc;
  • e) Commercial buildings, administrative offices or homes
    • construction related installations (electrical, HVAC, etc)
    • burglary, fire fighting, etc.
  • f) Smart City (smart cities);
  • g) Institutional technical consulting and engineering for new and existing investments, supervising the execution, project management.